Must have summer shoes in every guy’s wardrobe

Must have summer shoes in every guy’s wardrobe Must have summer shoes in every guy’s wardrobe

Summer is the time when many of you head out to the beach and take a dip in the sea or sunbathe on the sand. It’s also the perfect time to head out for a break. Summers can cause your feet to sweat a lot, making you feel a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, you should ensure to give due attention to your feet and keep them cool and airy with a pair of the perfect summer shoes.

When it comes to zeroing down on the perfect summer shoes, you have quite a good number of options. From boat shoes and cap toe Oxfords to canvas sneakers, take your pick. They not only score on comfort but also add to your style.

Boat shoes

If you’re getting your wardrobe summer-ready, you can consider buying yourself a pair of boat shoes, along with linen shirts and cotton trousers. Scoring high on comfort and style, the boat shoe is ever versatile and is one of the most perfect summer shoes. You can wear them to the beach as well as to any casual event.

It’s best that you wear no-show socks when you sport boat shoes. Not only will the socks protect your exposed feet from the sun rays but will also ensure that your boat shoes remain spic and span.


Nothing beats the Oxfords when you need to present yourself in formal wear. A must in every guy’s wardrobe, there are many variations of the Oxford shoes available. Cap toe Oxfords perfectly match your formal outfits; however, you can pair them with casual outfits as well. These and more reasons contribute to the Oxford being one of the most perfect summer shoes.

If you’re looking for something that goes well with any type of outfit—formal, semi-formal, or the uber casual, Brogue Oxfords tops the charts. Combining comfort and style and adding an aura of sophistication to the wearer, Brogue Oxfords are a classy pair of footwear to buy for yourself. You’re sure to invite attention. Oxfords are expensive, no doubt, but you can find low-cost options as well. Pick one that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet.

Canvas sneakers

If there is one thing that is really comfortable in summer, matches well with any outfit, and is affordable as well, it’s the canvas sneakers. From trademark white and black to prints, you’re spoilt for choice. Scoring high on durability, canvas sneakers are those that get better and comfortable as you wear them. It’s like they fit you like a glove. In fact, the more roughed up the sneaker gets with usage, the more edgy look they get.
Sneakers come in a multitude of versions that can greatly alter your style. Whether it’s the skateboard style Vans or Chuck Taylor All-Stars, you can find ardent followers of these shoes all around you.

If you’re keen on keeping fit and going for a run everyday, then a sturdy pair of running sneakers is what you need. Choose one that has a mesh upper and adequate cushioning at the toe to absorb the impact.

You can choose from some of the perfect summer shoes and enjoy the lovely weather!